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This wiki is a collection of characters and gamemodes featured in the RPGLite crossover game First Alliance. If you need to read the rules for First Alliance, go to the page First Alliance Rules.

If you need a list of all the characters you can play as, go to the Official Character List.

If you want to make a character, go ahead, but check the Official Character List to make sure that that character isn't already made and look at some other character pages to get the formatting right.

If you want a list of suggested tournament teams, go to Teams and Strategies

List of Admins

  • Carlos McT
  • Disco Girl Comin' Through
  • Isenru
  • Mr. Trolleaux (la mistyr.trolos.)

Update: First Alliance Board 1 is Up!

An online spreadsheet on which you can play First Alliance has been finished. Contact if you wish to have access to the spreadsheet.

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